Aldeus – a young mortal martial artist who has given in to temptation, and become an Abyssal Exalted.

Kiara – a girl from Arroyo with a tragic past. Her father was killed by Eidolons, and she was banished from the town shortly thereafter. Since then, she has become a Black Rose Knight, and now works to destroy the monsters that killed her father.

Gi-Dong Bak – A decadent and direction-less nobleman. His father currently languishes in prison, while he himself lives as a fugitive, wanted by the Shogun and the Realm for murder.

Cybele – a skilled Solar from Halta, she tirelessly defends the animals of the forest from hunters.
Hunter of the Golden Forest

Nyle – a former member of one of Sijan’s tributary houses, he and his cousin are trying to find out what may have become of his brother’s spirit.

Crimson Assassin – a gunslinger and assassin, originally from Paragon. He lives his life travelling, and seeking adventure.
Sunset Devil


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