Liao Khan has come back to Arroyo, and he is not pleased. He spent years… DECADES planning and maneuvering so that Liao Tsien, his grandson, would be able to fulfill a prophecy.

But then Tsien rebuffed the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears offer of Exaltation. As a result of this unexpected turn, Liao Khan has had to adjust his tactics.

Using his contacts within Grafes, he has managed to steal one of the Lover’s Monstrances of Celestial Portion. And he’s going to use it to meld his soul with Tsien’s, and become an Exalted.

Meanwhile, two Solars come to Arroyo. After finding out that Gi Dong Bak is also a Solar, they are spending some time sharing information when Liao Khan arrives.

In the forest, Lily informs Aldeus of Khan’s approach, and tells him that the Lover wants Aldeus to stop Khan.

After a tense exchange of words between the Solars and Liao Khan, Tsien takes his Grandfather in to his sanctum. There, Khan reveals his plan for Tsien, but Tsien manages to turn the tables on him, trapping him in a barrier.

Meanwhile, his Solar allies, with the help of Kiara defeat Khan’s ghostly bodyguards. Now they have Liao Khan trapped in Tsien’s sanctum… for now.



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