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    0. [[The Fool | The Fool]] I. [[The Magician]] II. [[The Priestess]] III. [[The Empress]] IV. [[The Emperor]] V. [[The Hierophant]] VI. [[The Lovers]] VII. [[The Chariot]] VIII. [[Justice]] IX. [[The Hermit]] X. [[The Wheel]] …

  • The Fool

    "Was it wise, Lord, to give the mortal such a boon?", the creature asked him.
    He twirled and danced on a grassy knoll in his favorite glade. Sunlight shone in from the trees, making all the leaves and the flowers sparkle. Even the floating seeds …

  • The Magician

    Long had he walked the desert sands. He had walked so long, and so far, and then he had turned around and walked back again. The sand had blasted away his clothes, until he was clad only in strips of cloth. His hair grew behind him, a wild, unkempt mass. …

  • The Empress

    _The Throne sits empty._
    _The deal is completed._
    _He has taken his bride._
    _The Princes assemble to honor her._
    _He will immortalize his love._
    _She will return, born anew._
    _The world will break._

    -incomplete …

  • The Emperor

    He had lost her.
    He could hardly believe it. After all that effort, all that planning, all that time spent, his research was dangerously close to be compromised. He'd been so careful, everything had gone to plan, and then... he'd lost her. Obviously, …

  • The Hierophant

    The Abbot sat, lotus position, in his bedchamber. It was night, and the temple was quiet. The students were all asleep, tired from the days training and lessons. The only thing that traveled the halls was the rapidly cooling night air... or so he …

  • The Lovers

    It seemed like hardly yesterday that she'd last spoken to the others. And yet, they again insisted on her presence, as they discussed the final details for their precious plan.
    The Plan, the Plan, the Plan. She was bored of the Plan. She longed for …

  • The Chariot

    As was the custom, he walked out onto the ice. No weapons, no provisions. He was not sad, or angry. He had lived through his time. His time, and then some, they had said. But now, he was ready to die. It was not to be.

  • The Hermit

    He waited. Forever, he waited. Here, in this dark, dank cave. How long? An hour? A year? A thousand?
    He'd grown a beard, long, down to his waist. He could feel it, even in the dark. And his body, it felt old. And brittle.
    The dark... how he …

  • The Wheel

    The three beasts slept, and waited for the time they would run free again. It had been so long since they had last walked Creation that almost no one remembered their names. They had been forgotten by all, relics of a past no one even believed in anymore. …

  • Death

    The messenger had traveled a long way, at the behest of his master, to the city of the dead. He had come to deliver his master's words, verbatim, to the Lord of this dark place. The messenger was hardly a coward, but still, he feared the Lord of Death …

  • The Sun

    A seal is broken. The charnel beast is slow. The Lights find their way.

  • The Devil

    A noise woke the little girl from her slumber. Her room was dark, the house still. Outside, the night air whipped in a mad frenzy that prophesied a summer storm. She could hear it swishing in the tall grass outside, and whistling when it found some small …

  • The Star

    "In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law, like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will."

  • The Moon

    "_The Fickle Lady shows me things, my friends. Terrible_
    _things. A time of tumult for all our kind. I see an empty throne_
    _and a rotting mountain corpse. An ancient prison throws open_
    _its doors, and a plague of locusts who walk like …

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