Nyle was born and raised in Sijan.

Nyle, his younger brother Drint and his cousin Craik were inseparable in their youth, and although they were to have different roles in society, they remained close, and due to their friendship and their styles complemented each other well, and were eventually assigned to a special Unit dedicated to taking care of and putting to rest malicious and angry spirits outside of the city’s borders.

Nyle was the brains, Drint the mouth/face, and Craik was the muscle.


Nyle has/had mother, father, older and younger sisters, and a younger brother (Drint).

Craik was an only child.

Both families were killed in an “accident” while the Nyle and Craik were away, Drint and Craik’s parent’s bodies were missing, and their spirits were gone.

The ghosts of the rest of Nyle’s family still “live” in the city, and are concerned about those who went missing.

The Exaltation

While on a sortie, Nyle and Craik both exalted. They were ambushed by the war ghosts they were hunting, and their patrol was wiped out with the exception of the 2 of them. Craik exalted first and almost lost himself to the power, but while Nyle was trying to expel an evil spirit (he did not know what was going on,) he exalted as well, and they both leveled the area, and drove off the group of war ghosts that attacked their patrol.

(It was during this time that the accident at home happened)

Upon returning to Sijan, and after going over the tragedies that befell their families, the leaders of the city saw fit to aid the 2 freshly exalted, and gave them some of the weaker gear stored in a tomb marked with the symbol of the zenith caste, thinking that they may have belonged to them in past lives.

From this point on, they split up to find more clues to the missing souls’ whereabouts.


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