Gi-Dong Bak

A tall samurai of lithe build with bluish-white hair and grey eyes.



Temperance 1

Bak’s most self-evident character flaw, hedonism, is one that he has channeled (as best as he can) into his naturally gregarious nature.

Conviction 1

While having a number of sincere beliefs, his commitment to them is tenuous at best. Having little in the way of strong beliefs to guide him, Bak often finds himself drifting, unable to settle on a course of action and follow through with resolve.

Compassion 3

When ideas and formal values fail him, Bak relies on his genuine affection for his friends and humanity in general to lead him through dark and difficult times. While he can be self-indulgent, his outgoing and boisterous nature makes him favor a rowdy pub over an opium den any day.

Valor 4

Bak is rarely short-tempered, but he is possessed of an exceptionally aggressive nature. Most of the time this manifests in his desire to drive events and his natural attraction to new (and potentially dangerous) people, places and experiences.


Resources ** Followers * Artifact (Land Ship) * Command (Samurai) * Henchmen (Loyal Retainers) **


“I don’t have dreams. How can I say it? I myself am a dream.”

Ayumi Hamasaki (Japanese Singer)

“Eh…What do you call that kind of tea without any alcohol in it?”

Gi-Dong Bak

First Age Incarnation: Ozymandias

The name Ozymandias began as any other, but over the course of the Primordial War it evolved into a personal title held by a single Solar Exaltation. The first Ozymandias was, before his Exaltation, a courier in the armies of the Dragon Kings. After being Chosen by the Unconquered Sun, he became the architect of the communications and supply system used by the Army of the Exalted in the Eastern Theater. He personally delivered supplies and communiques between command posts and field forces serving behind enemy lines. He constantly pushed for aggressive forward opperations, stretching supply lines to the breaking point. When those lines broke, he personally restored them.

As a result, the first Ozymandias died early in the Primordial War. His Essence Shard’s second, third, forth and firth incarnations followed in their predecessors footsteps, taking on missions varying from the reckless to the suicidal. His frequent deaths and reincarnations throughout the War lead many Exalted to simply refer to all of that shard’s incarnations as “the Bearer of the Ozymandias Shard” or simply “Ozymandias” for short.

The Ozymandias Shard’s reputation for reckless hosts remained well deserved during the First Age, as its hosts frequently organized aggressive campaigns against the Fair Folk, and a number of Lesser races that sided with the Primordials during the War. His heroism and frequent reincarnation did not, however, prevent a darker side from emerging.

To some a more moderate incarnation, Ozymandias Mithridates, was by some accounts the Ozymandias Shard’s 7th or 8th incarnation. Exalting immediately after the Primordial War’s close, Mithridates took over the administration of all remaining prisoners of war. After carefully managing for decades the internment of entire species of non-humans, along with humans and Dragon Kings who had defected to the Primordials, he eventually grew bored with the tedious chore. Upon the advice of one of his bound demonic servants, he arrived at a solution: “Liquidation.”

Ozymandias Mithridates shortly there after became one of the greatest mass murderers of the First Age. Fearing that a mass slaughter might create a sizable Shadowland, Mithridates developed an ingenious method for the “disposal of hostile assets.” By dispersing his “disposal sites” along the hubs and spokes of the Order Affirming Trade Pattern, the Essence-disruption caused by millions of deaths was disbursed among Creations most vibrant and vital arteries. The energies of death and slaughter never managed to gain a foothold under overwhelming tide of human commerce.

With his task complete, Ozymandias Mithridates could turn his efforts toward what he regarded as his greatest organizational achievement. The Centennial Auspicious Orgy of Meru, a raucous bacchanal incorporating primarily humans (with a liberal sprinkling of Gods, Demons, Exalted, and Elementals) that lasted 100 years and one day, using rotating shifts of slaves and summoned beings as well as voluntary participants. By century’s end, most of the participants in the Centennial Auspicious Orgy had earlier been conceived at the Orgy.

Gi-Dong Bak

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