Danilus of Arroyo, son of Durzen and Misha, brother of Aldeus, was a Solar Twilight Caste.

Born in to relative poverty, Danilus’ life was filled with tragedy. His mother was slain by the Riders of Dark Wood while he and his brother watched. His father fell in to the bottle, and the family forge fell in to ruin. Danilus worked hard to restore the forge to working order. And he became a respectable blacksmith.

After Kiara returned to Arroyo, he and his childhood friends took up arms to defend their homes. Eventually, Danilus became a Chosen of the Unconquered Sun. This power aided him and his allies greatly, but a rift began to form between he and Aldues, who had trained for years to gain a fraction of the power the gods had seen fit to give Danilus freely.

Eventually, Aldeus made a drastic choice… to become on of the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears’ deathknights. Shortly thereafter, Aldeus killed Durzen, their father.

In a rage, Danilus attacked Aldeus, trying to kill him. But he was slain by two of the Lover’s other deathknights.


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