Exalted: In A Mirror Darkly


Hovering above a ten-thousand strong eidolon army, the assembled Exalts try to chart their next move.

Shocked by Garland’s apparent betrayal, and by the appearance of eidolons marching in ranks, they stay above Vaise to observe for a time. As the hours until the city becomes a massive shadowland tick away, the eidolon army moves in to the city, and begins to multiply.

Eidolons increase their numbers by devouring the souls of the living, and the souls of the recently dead stay within the body until they rise at the next sunset as ghosts. This being the case, the recently dead can be devoured, and their souls converted in to new eidolons.

Seeking to prevent this from happening, Gi Dong Bak has his allies train the airships weaponry on the city, but there is only enough remaining ordenance to start a few fires… fires which are quickly extinguished. All the warstrider bays are empty, most of the firedust stores cleaned out… the aiship is strangely vacant of arms and weapons. And while the fight to take it over had been hard, it had not been as difficult as one might have expected. Within a few hours, the population of Vaise has risen from a few hundred surviving Essence users, to nearly two million eidolons.


insomniabob insomniabob

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