Exalted: In A Mirror Darkly

Episode 04: Airship Raid

After meeting up with Spear of the East, who had been posing as the airship Captain Vale, the assembled teams of Exalted began their midnight raid of the Realm Airship. With Inari and Seven Fist Shadow acting as scouts, Spear’s airboat was able to approach undetected from above.

Landing on the top of the ship, the two groups of Solar’s split up. Arctus’ group went to the aft of the ship, while Gi Dong Bak and his group headed for the bow, hoping to find the bridge. They encountered a group of Dragon Blooded soldiers inside the gas bag. The soldiers were well trained and well armed, and the fight was an intense one. Eventually, the Solars were victorious, and continued towards the bridge.

The group moved through the ship, and opened a hatchway which led to a Warstrider launch bay. They saw an Imperial Warstrider prepping for launch, and chose to circumvent the area. Unknown to them, the leader of the Wyld Hunt had loaded a Soul Breaker Orb on to his personal Warstrider. He had taken command of this airship, with the express purpose of claiming revenge on the Bull of the North. He had no qualms about sacrificing the capital city of Vaise in his attack, nor any concern for the potential consequences. In his mind, his mandate to destroy Anathema is far more important than the opinions of the bureaucrats back in the Realm, or the lives of Thresholders.

As the warstrider prepared for launch, the Solars made their way to the bridge. Fighting their way past the guards, they captured the bridge… just in time to see the Soulbreaker Orb detonate.

Shocked by the detonation of a weapon of mass destruction, the Solars scrambled to find a way to aid the city below. Nearly the entire population was slain, and only a handful of high essence persons survived. The Exalted spent the night and most of the day retrieving survivors, hoping to vacate before sunset brought the emergence of a new shadowland.

Mid way through the day, from the deck of the airship, high above the city, the assembled Solars and allies saw the approach of what appeared to be an army marching toward Vaise. Looking through the telescopes on the bridge, they saw that the army was lead by Garland… and that the army was composed entirely of Eidolons, nearly ten thousand strong.


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