Exalted: In A Mirror Darkly

Episode 03: Budokai: Aftermath of Choices

Aldeus and his allies are discussing the presence of the Infernals. After a speech from Inari about the dangers of trusting demons, Aldeus seems all but convinced that accepting their offer is a terrible idea. Just then, the Pale Swordsman arrived, in a rage, and launched a furious attack upon the assembled Exalted.

After the smoke cleared, the Pale Swordsman lie dead. Realizing that the Pale Swordsman’s attack was no doubt in response to Lily accepting the Infernal’s offer, the assembled Exalts rushed back to the Arena to confront the Yozi worshipers. Both Aldeus and Bak were radiant with the expendature of Essence, and caused quite a commotion. They arrived at the Infernal’s suite, only to find it empty. Before they could figure out their next move, Aldeus and Bak were both struck in the back, and that blow caused their Essence to recede.

Turning around, they both saw Grahf standing behind them.

  • Grahf advised that they make themselves inconspicuous for the time being. He wanted Tiger to visit him when things cooled down.
  • Back in their room, the assembled Exalted reviewed their situation. After Tiger helped heal the allies, Bak offered to go an speak with the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears on Tiger’s behalf.
  • Outside the Lover’s private booth, Bak could sense her anger. A layer of frost had collected on the marble floor and any metal surfaces. Bak had hoped to offer the Lover a bargain; in exchange for leaving Tiger and his allies alone, he would give her two of the Infernals to replace the Abyssals she lost. The Lover informed him that she no longer had any authority over Tiger… but she would be willing to speak of terms if he managed to capture any of the Green Sun Princes.
  • Confused, Bak returned to Tiger and the others to tell them of what the Lover had said. Not long after his arrival, a knock sounded at the door. Answering the knock, the door opened to reveal nothing but darkness. Tiger was dragged into the yawning portal by an unseen force… and found himself in the presence of his new master… the Mask of Winters.
  • The Mask of Winters informed Tiger that he would be assigned a new mission soon, and that in the morning he would be expected to speak with Prince Resplendent in the Ruin of Ages, one of his Deathknights.
  • While the Solar’s made their way to the Arena, Tiger went to meet with Grahf. Grahf offered to take Tiger on as his apprentice, if he would agree to kill Fei Wong. Tiger claimed he no longer cared what happened to Fei Wong… but still declined Grahf’s offer. Grahf told Tiger to seek him out… when he changed his mind.
  • During their matches against the “Realm Dignitary Team”, Nyle managed to pull of a remarkable success in the ring, to a standing ovation. His opponent was the Earth aspect.
  • Cybele and Crimson both slew their opponents, though not intentionally or out of malice.
  • After the match, the Bull of the North’s Solar team agreed to aid Gi Dong Bak and his allies. They would attempt to take down the Wyld Hunt team once they all reached the airship.


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