Exalted: In A Mirror Darkly

Episode 02: Budokai: Revelations and Farewells


After winning their first match, the Solars are given a two day respite before their next match.

  • Gi Dong Bak seeks out the Bull of the North’s Solar team, to find healing for Kiara. He finds that the Solars are hoping to join the Bull’s forces, and that he sent them to the Budokai to prove themselves to him. Bak taught their youngest member, Arctos, Body Mending Meditation Technique in exchange for her aid in mending Kiara’s wounds.
  • Cybele and Bak spoke with Inari about hte possibility of the Lunars allying themselves with their own Solar force. Inari is willing to do what he can to help, but the Lunar’s leader, Rikioh, is extremely distrustful of Solars. Inari will do what he can.
  • While wandering the corridors, Gi Dong Bak was approached by several hooded figures. They demanded he follow them. Bak agreed, warily, and was led to the basements of the arena. There, he met with Shogun Ichigeki.
    The Shogun informed Bak that the Budokai masked an alternative purpose; a meeting between high ranking diplomats from Lookshy, Nexus, Halta, and the Bull of the North. The intent of this meeting is to form a new defensive union of states to stand firm against the Realm.
  • Bak swore the following oaths to the Shogun: Do not reveal the Eastern Alliance, and do not overthrow or usurp the Shogun.
  • The Shogun has asked for Bak’s assistance in slaying or disabling several of the Budokai’s teams. These teams hope to win the tournament, and then ask that the Shogun make Vaise a satrapy of the Realm. The Shogun wishes for Vaise to remain independent and would not accept such a request, but he would loose face among the other probationary members of the Alliance if he isn’t seen to be able to deal with his own problems. That’s where Bak and his allies come in.
  • In exchange for Bak’s aid, the Shogun has offered to pardon Bak’s father and restore him to Daimyo. Bak also convinced the Shogun to grant the Lunars possession of the Dark Wood, in exchange for their aid. And, if Bak wins the tournament, the Shogun is willing to give Bak a high ranking political office at his side.
  • Crimson Assassin was approached by a man who called himself “Rapturous Weeper”. Weeper seemed to know a great deal about all the Solars, and had information about their past lives. When the party went to speak with him at length, he revealed he and his allies to be Infernal Exalted, servants of the Yozi. He offered to take any of the Solar’s on as allies, and offered to cleanse Aldeus of the Neverborn corruption. He also offered to cure Kiara of her ‘condition’, and reveal the secret origin of the Eidolons. He hinted that it had something to do with the Sidereal exalted… The players declined, and Weeper let them leave.
  • Cybele and Nyle learned that the Realm representative teams were not staying in the Realm embassy, instead staying on the airship. The reasons for this remain a mystery.
  • Bak went to speak with Guild Factor Logia, hoping to secure some method of transport that could carry them to the Realm Airship hovering in the sky above Vaise. The Factor would not agree to keep Bak’s request in confidence… but did tell him to seek out Captain Vale at the Vaise shipping docks.
  • Aldeus returned with Lily to the Weeper. The Weeper remembered her, and took her inside to speak, as Aldeus left.
  • Later, while going over their plans to assault the Realm teams with Inari, Aldeus was attacked by Pale Swordsman, who had flown into a rage. Presumably, because Lily took the Infernal’s bargain. Aldeus slew the swordsman, finally taking revenge on his brother’s killer.


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